The Story Behind Rihanna's New 'James Bond' Villain Grill

Mike Destefano- Complex Magazine

Her new mouthpiece would certainly have you think so. In select photos from her recent Interview cover shoot, she can be seen flashing a full set of grills covering her top and bottom teeth. If it looks familiar, that's because it was inspired by the James Bond villain Jaws. To really hammer home the reference, Rihanna is even dressed like him. She's wearing a white button-up shirt, black tie, and has has her hair styled with a middle part like the giant antagonist from the movies.

The intricate jewelry was created by none other than New York City-based jeweler Gabby Elan. While it doesn't seem very intricate at first glance due to its lack of diamonds or other colorful enamel details that Gabby Elan is known for, Elan Pinhasov, creative director of Gabby Elan, reveals that it was not an easy job at all. Upon closer inspection, the top and bottom white gold pieces don't align with actual teeth, but still need to appear flush when the mouth is fully closed, for cosmetic and comfort purposes.

"They're kind of a jigsaw style on the teeth and the real trick was getting the bite aligned properly within the gold," Pinhasov tells Complex. "The hardest part of this task was taking the appearance of something previously associated with a character described as gigantic and creepy, and have it fit with Rihanna who is known worldwide for her influence in fashion and beauty."

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