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Gabby Elan is the NYC-based brand founded in 1991 making celebrities’ favoured grillz. Run by jeweller and city legend Gabby Pinhasov and his son Elan, the studio has been supplying some of the biggest names in music with grillz since the 90s, after spotting their popularity and concentrating on producing bespoke, high-quality grillz since then.

Initially operating from a stall in a Brooklyn mall, due to the gentrification of the area, they relocated to Manhattan’s diamond district, where they continue to operate today. Fans of the jewelling duo are wide ranging: everyone from Heidi Klum to the repeat customers of Kim KardashianA$AP Rocky, and Pharrell all want in on Gabby Elan’s expertise.

And, despite the rise in mask-wearing, Gabby Elan is more popular than ever – producing custom grillz alongside their other jewellery at an ever-increasing rate. We caught up with them to chat about the creative process behind designing grillz, their family influence and advice to those wanting to break into the jewellery industry.

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