Watch Disclaimer


Disclaimer of Authenticity

We guarantee that every product we offer is 100% authentic and in excellent working condition. Watches are included with their original box/Warranty Booklet, if available, as well as serial numbers. We offer the best selection of vintage, second hand, and modern watches. All vintage watches are gently used & meticulously selected to ensure that they are in excellent condition & will make our clients happy with their purchases. Watches are inspected, cleaned & serviced prior to sale, unless otherwise indicated in the listing. Please note that we do NOT sell or deal with replica products.


In spite of our best efforts, manufacturer specifications are subject to change without prior notice even when the product images and descriptions match the actual product.
Illustrations are meant as illustrative purposes only. Unless otherwise specified, color, size, and other specifications of the product illustrated are not true to scale.
Descriptions of products are intended to provide the most up-to-date specifications available at the time of publication, and not to be advertisements. We ship product as it was produced by the manufacturer, and manufacturer specifications may change without prior notice.
- Product availability may change without notice. In good faith, we do our best to display only products that are currently in production and/or available for ordering and delivery within our "Availability and Delivery Time" policy, but we give no guarantee. For products that we are aware are unavailable, we will not charge you, and we will cancel and refund any orders we cannot fulfill.
For any technical information about a product, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly. We can provide you with the contact information for the manufacturer upon request.

Authorized Dealer:

Although we are neither authorized nor direct dealers of Rolex nor any of our other brands of watches, all of our watches come directly from authentic dealers and reputable industry wholesalers.